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Dean Adolphsen
artist from Rockland Maine

Currently available for commissioned work including Portraits, Pet Portraits, Buildings, etc.

Base price is $250 - price will vary according to size & complexity.  Send me a message via the Contact page for details.


About the artist

   Dean was born and raised in midcoast Maine and was educated at home until 9th grade.  During those childhood years, his boyhood adventures and far-reaching imagination led to keen interest in the woods, weather, and wildlife. 


In his teenage years, he attended and graduated from a local private Christian High School. During that time, his habit of brief classroom doodling developed into a hobby outside the classroom.  Dean soon found himself sharing his work through competition. The first time Dean entered his work into the New England Junior High Art Competition, he submitted a black and while pencil drawing of The Victory Chimes, a locally renowned three-masted schooner. His work soon found the podium and won him second place.









                                                                                                    The Victory Chimes


Dean continued to draw but his interest took time to develop. Dean started to seriously pursue his passion drawings in 2014 after graduating college and marrying his lovely wife, Olyvia. Soon after marriage, they moved into their first home in the hayfields of Washington, Maine.  Long winter evenings by the woodstove in the living room were the ideal atmosphere for re-engaging his desire to create with pencil and paper.  Since then, he has worked on originals, commissioned pieces, and fan art. The pieces vary in subject, ranging from wildlife, pets, residences, and portraits.

      Dean's originals - particularly his wildlife and portrait pieces - have been displayed in galleries in downtown Rockland, Maine over the last several years, including during several of the 'First Friday Art Walks' on Main Street.  Dean's original pieces continue to attract the attention of local and international buyers.  

                                                                  Main Street - Rockland, ME

IMG_5556 Copy.JPG

From the artist

Art is a funny thing. There are certain artistic areas that serve to function in some way... signs & logos, vehicle design, architecture, etc.  Fine visual art, though, holds a value of a different kind. This has always been a point of fascination for me.

Standing and staring at a piece just trying to figure out why it's so nice to look at... I think that's where much of the value is.  It's like when you see the clouds rolling over the summit of Mt. Katahdin, or the blueberry-covered hills of Hope, Maine turning red in September.  Art is an attempt to or to recreate or reorganize all the pieces of God's creation.  Beauty in the details and value as a whole.  That's my pursuit.

I'm grateful for the chance to share my work with you - thank you for taking a look!  Feel free to message me from the Contact page with any questions or comments.

        - Dean

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